aluminum silver
razor blades coral
found objects
dried plants plaster sponge

Time carved on the present, then, after...when?
Now, in 2 years. A moment later?
NeverForever, or a memory of the future, I wait for the Past.
Next, last week, Tonight.
in the morning, a day ago.

The Fighting Chameleon

Instead of a bio note
a touch of randomness,uncharted territory that brings
peculiar thrill; thinking out loud
why is it necessary to explain what has been created?
shouldn't the act of creation suffice?
​politics: search for  the magpie parliaments
It looks like a piece of jewelry but how do you even wear it?

We like old things;
individuals who have long departed, yet their stuff endures
The “I don’t want to destroy it” paradox: the moment that an impulse threatens a pre-planned creation with no going back.
how can i dress small bursts of violence and frustration into a playful style?